A long story - short

So I have a long story, to sum it up I’m a modern day hippie soul without the want or need for drugs and sex with anyone but my loving husband.

Starting out as a little girl I was obsessed with Beauty and the Beast because she was so smart and sure of herself, Ferngully because the forest is where I wanted to be NON STOP, and Captain Planet because he’s my Hero… saving the planet was my mission... One frog at a time, and that’s a whole other story.

Fast forward 10 years. I was the awkward teen who was absolutely shy. I was taking the Agriculture classes and my world was FFA and sports and getting out of my small town. First year of college I was pre-Med major and had to take my mandatory courses in other studies. Taking criminal justice I found a love I never would have thought of. I added CJ as a second major. Then decided that although I had all my courses done as a pre-Med major I was going to switch to Plant Bio… Captain Planet move over… I was going to be a DNR/ Conservation Officer… End of my 3rd year of college I had an incident happen, someone poured bleach under my door while I was sleeping and I was almost killed. The result was I have an Ironclad will and a severe allergy to all chemicals. Finished a double major with 2 jobs and plenty of extra-curriculars. Got the acceptances for Med and Law school, denied them so I could follow my passion. Reality hit and my passion wasn’t hiring. So I started substitute teaching, found my new love. Teaching smart assed high schoolers about the importance of science in everyday life and the environment.

Then I saw my old friend from high school. We decided to get everybody together to go bowling… Yeah… He didn’t tell any of the other guys and it ended up being a date. Fast forward 3 WEEKS and I decide to move with the Army soldier… I got a job, nothing in any of my fields of interest or experience. He left for Afghanistan, came home on R&R 4 months later and we went to the courthouse. He went back to Afghanistan, I got diagnosed with cancer. Made it! Had 3 beautiful boys, many sad miscarriages, and few close calls.

I started looking into natural ways of living after my incident in college but had still bought everything. After cancer I thought I might as well try making everything. I had the education, why not…

So now here I am. I make our laundry soap, shampoo and soap, hair products, cleaning products, chest rub when we are sick, antiseptic salve, drawing salve, car sickness roller, headache, indigestion, aphrodisiac, bath salts, diffuser blends. You name it I make it. I sew it, can it, grow it, make it, mix it…. I have an old soul and a love of all things natural. Captain Planet, this mom makes her difference at home. With my 3 boys (each with special needs), 1 dog, 1 cat (both rescued), loving pain in the butt husband and our wonderful, wild life. 

From the beginning of my business I had wanted to continue my education. So I have since earned my Herbalist and Aromatherapy certification. Many of the herbs used in my products are grown organically in my gardens. Many ingredients are sourced local to me, the small carbon footprint is helpful but also knowing the farmer, beekeeper etc. helps ensure that my ingredients are honest, wholesome and cruelty free. 

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